#MSS A Sexy Conversation from My W-I-P Arrival

Taking part in #MySexySaturday is always fun and this week I share an excerpt from Arrival, Book 3 of The Jessie Carter Fashion Series and my current work-in-progress. I’m about fifty percent through.

In my novel Boarding, we see Jessie’s professional career take off and she makes important sexual discoveries. In Arrival, I raise the question, “Do we ever truly arrive at success?” Jessie is back home in Los Angeles and the sexy conversation she has with an elite clothier poses dangers and she is unaware of the risk.

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Armand laughed. “Every woman’s dream, isn’t it?” He leaned forward and looked a bit like a basketball coach urging on his players. “It may be one small way I can assist you. I don’t want to oversell the product but I’ve been working on this blend for some time and I have every reason to believe it will revolutionize the clothing industry.”

“No more laundry?”

He laughed. “No, not quite.” He shifted to his right and crossed a leg over his knee as though trying to get closer to Jessie and fighting the chair that constrained him.

Invite him to dinner. In the sophistication of the conversation, the primal urge of arousal percolated from her thighs and excitement gradually spread. “Is it a trade secret?” She practically whispered the question. Her nipples tightened and every sound and breath became acutely more noticeable. Armand’s eyes were fixed on her and she kept her gaze locked on him.

“I’ll say the material contains special enzymes that can withstand extreme temperatures from a dryer and moisture, say, from a washing machine.” He took a sip from the water bottle and set it on a small table next to him.

His eyes were like lasers burning a path from her eyes, along her neck, and over her breasts and to her thighs. She suddenly realized her skirt had risen higher than she expected and wondered what sights entertained him. So what? “Sounds fascinating.”

“I’m not able to divulge the manufacturing particulars at this point.”

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