Fashion and Fiction: Does the Bikini have Meaning Anymore?

Fashion reveals so much about status, history, and how we personally see ourselves. I’ll have to take some self-portraits with my fashion soon. I don’t think I’ll lose my audience.DD Symms

Of course, I could just post pictures of the Kardashians and other wise and wonderful Americans or Kate Middleton, etc.

Okay, let’s start with me and my mug shot … on my bio page is this stunning photo in my favorite gray T-shirt.

It’s comfortable and with the glasses stuck in my poofy hair, I – gosh darn—look like a writer. Or at least I feel like a writer. I could also wear a tweed jacket and pipe and look like a writer.

Which led me to the title about the bikini. Bikinis don’t have shock value, bikinis do show a woman’s body quite nicely or can, but what is up with them? There is now the mono-kini, too – a sexy one-piece.

Think about clothes and how those affect our mannerisms when we’re out and about … it’s one of the issues I bring up in Boarding … there’s a quick excerpt at the end of this post.

Fashion also means “classy” or accentuated … it accentuates our traits.

This is where fashion intersects with BDSM. Bondage, Discipline, and Sado-masochism accentuates our desires and personal traits and the sensations we want to experience. More on this later.

I bring fashion, bdsm, and societal manners together more in the next installment Arrival.

Jessie longs for a society that values quality and manners. Veve, the model we meet in Boarding, has a penchant for women learning the joys and strengths of being feminine and men the art of being masculine.

This is a peek at my thoughts as I write the next novel in the Jessie Carter Fashion Series. It’s a brain storm that I’m letting pour out with you, my reader!

About Don Simkovich

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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