Fashion Week New York Kicks off Labor Day @MBfashionweek #MBFashionweek

mb fashion weekMercedes Benz Fashion Week kicks off Labor Day in New York so look out for Jessie Carter, fashion designer with a vision and heroine of Boarding, a sexy fashion novel.

She’s going to clue us in on what’s happening with the big week for the fashion industry.

Welcome, Jessie. Thanks for taking time out of your busy show prep.

Thanks, DD. Got to say, Fall is in the air. For many us shows and events like this mark the change in seasons.

What should we look for during Fashion Week?

I’d say click here on the main website to stay up to date with the schedule and innovation.

Social media is playing a larger role every year. Oscar De La Renta is using Instagram to launch its Fall Ad Campaign.

Big brands realize that clicks mean cash.

What does Fashion Week mean to you?

A chance to chat with friends, study the latest trends, and prep for the future.

Like reporters covering the event?

If you’re insinuating Trudy Wilcox, by all means no. Sure, you portray her as a journalist but she’s much more of a gossip columnist.

I mean, look, someone like Britteny Dee is a reporter. Check out her articles here on this index from Fashion Times.

Oh, yes, and before I forget here’s a great article from Women’s Wear Daily on Christian Soriano.

Thanks, Jessie. So what memories does Fashion Week stir in you?

It reminds me of my humble beginnings like the ones you chronicled in Boarding. You know, getting clothing scraps from the thrift shop in Brooklyn and making a pair of panties for a friend.

Yep, you’ve come a long way since then.

Yeah. I do like the title. I have to say the week that you focused on, it really was like stepping on to a plane and not knowing where I was going to land.

Jessie, I know you’re busy so thanks for stopping by.

You’re welcome. Hey, aren’t you even going to mention where folks can get a copy of Boarding? I mean, heck, you went to all that trouble to write me into the story and it is a sexy fashion novel.

Sure. Click on one of the names below to buy Boarding on:

Amazon   Breathless Press   All Romance Ebooks   Bookstrand

GIVEAWAY – 3 Chapters of Boarding, Free32539

If you’d like to sample the first three chapters of Boarding simply send an email to and type “Boarding chapters” in the subject line.

photos used are from MB Fashion Week.

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