Two Guys Kissing You on #MySexySaturday @MySexySaturday #MSSWeek14

Ladies, you know that Two Man Fantasy you’re dreaming about?

LynnSexySaturday_buttonUh, could be pleasurable and may certainly have some awkward moments.

This edition of #MySexySaturday offers you a public service thanks to my sexy Work-in-Progress Arrival, Book 3 of The Jessie Carter Fashion Series.

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Armand turned her face to him and kissed her with his lips brushing hers. He lingered close like he was gauging the body of a premium wine and settled with a smile that signaled satisfaction and confidence.

Jessie’s nipples tightened and she was ready to begin a conversation with the men when Callan trumped Armand with his own view of quality.

“Quality is found in lasting value. It’s not always a product created. Value can be offered through a service provided.” He moved close to Jessie, placed his fingers on her chin, and turned her lips to his and kissed her with his mouth moving in a circular motion. He kissed slowly making each second seem like it would last forever. He covered her mouth completely and was thorough in his show of affection.

He finished and Jessie looked straight ahead, fumbling for words to direct a conversation, but Armand was not finished proving his thesis.

“Quality is all-encompassing.” He nuzzled Jessie’s ear and ran the tip of his index finger under her chin and slowly down her neck, tickling her and making her skin sensitive to each touch. He stopped where he wrap covered above her breasts. She leaned back and closed her eyes. Her legs parted as a reflex to the arousal.

Callan placed his hand on her left breast. “Value is memorable and leaves you wanting more.” He touched his mouth to her mound and Jessie arched her back. She sat forward as though an eruption of desire shook her and she removed the wrap. Armand took the initiative to loosen her bikini bra and Callan placed fingers in the waistband of her briefs and slid them over her hips and down her legs. She kicked them off and was now naked with both men caressing and kissing her.

Armand worked her right side, flicking his tongue along her ear lobe and placing two fingers alongside her nipple and giving light pinches. Callan stroked her hair on her left and massaged her tummy before moving his hand lower to her waist and applying pressure on her mons.

See. I warned you. Be careful.

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4 Responses to Two Guys Kissing You on #MySexySaturday @MySexySaturday #MSSWeek14

  1. Hello from another blog hopper! Interesting contrast between the rather formal dialogue and the spicy action in this excerpt.

    • DD Symms says:

      Yeah, I had fun with it. The men are trying to sound intelligent although something else is on their mind. It’s part of my novel Arrival which ends up taking a serious look at fair trade in the fashion industry.

  2. dakotatrace says:

    Okay that’s beyond sexy…that’s just down right hot!


    • DD Symms says:

      🙂 … thanks, Dakota … well, it’s about the middle of the novel. So hopefully the whole work will keep attention and flow. I’m working on it.

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