Making Sexy Undies @MySexySaturday @mssweek16

LynnSexySaturday_buttonSo what can be sexier than making homemade underwear for the man you love? This excerpt from the erotic novel Boarding needs a bit more than the #MySexySaturday industry-standard 7 sentences or paragraphs.

Jessie is in Brooklyn at the apartment of a model whom Jessie met on a lingerie shoot. She makes Darla a gift to wear for her husband.

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“All right, here we go.”

“Ready, set.” Darla giggled as though she had an infinite supply of smiles and light-hearted laughs.

Jessie cut the pattern. “We have this shape with buttons front and back.”


“I’m going to fold the top over and do a quick stitch here.” Jessie pointed to the waistline she was about to create.


The sewing machine clicked madly while the first stitches were sewn.

“This will cling to you but it’s not going to hug you real tight.”

“And it won’t bunch up my ass, either?” Darla shook her head and rolled her eyes.

“No, it definitely won’t do that,” said Jessie, agreeably and with a laugh.

“Now we flip it inside-out and line up the edges.”


The sewing machine kept chugging while Jessie explained her steps. “Time for the elastic. I’ll put it along the legs and the waistband and I’m going to stretch it tight while I sew.”

Darla shivered and glanced at the clock like a child waiting to dash for presents under the Christmas tree. “He’s going to love it.”

“Hey, grab scissors and cut off the collar and cuffs.”


“Sure, you can wear the collar as a choker and the cuffs on your wrists. Make sure you don’t cut off the button on the collar.”

“Great idea.” And within minutes, the underwear and its accessories were finished.

Darla stripped off her T-shirt, bra, and yanked off her jeans and stood naked except for her panties that enhanced the beauty of her hips and thighs.


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3 Responses to Making Sexy Undies @MySexySaturday @mssweek16

  1. dakotatrace says:

    Wow, I’d love to have this kinda of gift. Very sexy.


  2. naomibellina says:

    Oooo, that is a neat idea. I always love sexy underwear, and for sure don’t want them to bunch up my butt.

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