Western romance work-in-progress for My Sexy Saturday @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday

LynnSexySaturday_buttonFor this installment of My Sexy Saturday, I turn again to another selection from my western romance work-in-progress and it’s still untitled.

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Logan, our hero, is braving a snowstorm to reach a cabin where Emily Sloane has holed up–a self-imposed exile to get away from her greedy brother who plans to sell the ranch despite what is written in their father’s will. Logan has only known the ranch and he wants to return and help stop her brother. She’s struggling with the various losses she’s experienced and has no will to fight.


Emily was hopefully safe in the cabin and his insides warmed when his imagination teased him with taking her over his knee and giving her a swat on her denim-clad butt. He was only three years older than her but considered himself more mature. He never got caught up in the foibles of girlfriends.

When Emily’s stride across the ranch and swaying hips caught his eye, a simple reminder of her uptight attitude about which guy was going to take her out on a given night was enough to make Logan queasy. Keeping watch over the herds was enough drama for a young man.

He considered her a fool for running away like a spoiled child who lost a toy and he second-guessed his own sanity for venturing a rescue. Maybe she didn’t want one.


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2 Responses to Western romance work-in-progress for My Sexy Saturday @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday

  1. dakotatrace says:

    Love the fact that he is wary of her, despite his desire for her. It ought to make the sparks fly when he does get to her.

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