Dressing for a Sexy Game @MySexySaturday #MSSWeek19

This week’s My Sexy Saturday is about playing the sexy game. One way that gets played is with sexy fashion.

LynnSexySaturday_buttonClick here to rejoin the weekly My Sexy Saturday blog hop after you read my excerpt below from Boarding. This is from Chapter Seven. Jessie, a young fashion designer, is preparing to entice her boyfriend upon his arrival at Grand Central Station in New York. She wants him to change his mind about her career:


The water in the oval-shaped tub wasn’t hot enough to steam the mirror, although the temperature nipped at Jessie’s naked thighs and ass when she settled in. She had hoped for a luxurious soak and shave, but instead had to make preparations to entice Raymond. A candle-lit bath with no cares and worries would have been wonderful, but he was moving swiftly to the city and she had to be ready to meet him.

Soaping well along the legs and sex and then shaving closely ensured a silky and smooth finish so he could enjoy pleasing her labia with languid kisses. A purple thong, the one that had elicited a previous compliment from him was the underwear of choice. A glance in the mirror confirmed the fabric and color enhanced the shape of her ass and the beauty of her light skin.

Covering her breasts in a matching bra was next before slipping into a sky-blue dress that dropped to mid-thigh and that buttoned low enough to reveal substantial cleavage. The collar gave it a business-like appearance yet it was an outfit that Raymond had said he liked. She wasn’t dressing just to please him, Jessie laughed. Dressing meant to appease him or perhaps strike enough lust inside him that he would soften and appreciate the turn-of-events that were moving in her favor.

A Yellow Cab ferried her to Grand Central Station where early commuters click-clacked across the tiled floors and frenzied echoes amplified off the walls. Most eyes were trained forward and people rushed through the concourse either disembarking and coming in or racing to catch the train out of the city. None of the noise came from anyone stopping to have a personal conversation with another fellow traveler. People moved as though they were encased in their own individual chambers.

Raymond appeared. He had stepped from the tracks and into the concourse before Jessie could meet him at the door. He was visible above the heads of most other men and women. He gripped the strap of his shoulder bag and looked like he had stepped off the cover of GQ. He beamed when he saw her. His smile disarmed her and Jessie rushed to meet him.

“Hey, babe.” She waved and bumped against the swarm of bodies flooding past.

“Hi.” He had one hand behind his back and presented a red rose wrapped in yellow tissue paper when she approached.

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2 Responses to Dressing for a Sexy Game @MySexySaturday #MSSWeek19

  1. oddlynn3 says:

    Great snippet. I loved how she was getting ready for him but yet tried to convince herself she wasn’t. Thanks for sharing.

    • DD Symms says:

      Thanks, Lynn. I appreciate the thoughtful comment. Yeah, that’s a challenge is to show the character’s outward actions while revealing what they’re really thinking.

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