Boarding by DD Symms

Lisa and Emily have a fun approach to interviewing authors and they dig into the “behind the scenes” of the author’s thoughts. Stop on by and peek into what I have to say and put yourself in this position: what if someone was prying into your private thoughts?

Literary Lagniappe

No one likes someone else to pry into her sexual life without permission, but that’s exactly what happens in the latter chapters of Boarding.

This was a fun yet challenging section of the story to write.

Story Background

Jessie Carter is a 20-something fashion designer visiting New York City and she gets an assignment to create a dress in one day for world renowned model Veve Rouselette. The dress will be shown at an intimate gathering of Veve’s friends who are known for their sexual proclivities and enjoyment of BDSM.

The Situation

Jessie has little time to spare and is in a fabric store searching for what she needs when she pulls back clothing on a rack and a little woman with a wrinkled face surprises her. The woman is Trudy Wilcox, a gossip columnist digging up dirt on Veve and wanting to know about the model’s private life.


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About DD Symms

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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