Sentimental is Sexy

Sentiment to me is the essence of romance, the emotions deep inside bubbling to the surface. The joy and sometimes bittersweet appreciation of a hug and kiss.

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Otherwise read on as I share this scene from my novel Boarding:


Jessie kept her arms wrapped around him, hugged him tightly and then kissed his freshly shaven cheek. His skin was soft and inviting. Releasing her grasp wasn’t easy but she had to get out of the way. Drivers were in a slow-motion race to reach the curb and an airport policeman made his way along the sidewalk, waving cars forward. It would have seemed natural to shout out, I love you. She wanted to capture the feeling that ran deeper than friendship and a mere business acquaintance. He cared.

Boarding is published by Breathless Press and is available on Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, and Bookstrand.


About DD Symms

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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2 Responses to Sentimental is Sexy

  1. dakotatrace says:

    Love the imagery you used here. Very poignant.

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