New Release: Not So Silent Night by Guest Author Kelly Ryan

Let’s welcome author Kelly Ryan who visits with us and shares a timely story with us — hers! It just came out today! Congratulations, Kelly.

Kelly Ryan imageThanks DD for letting me stop by today to talk about my new release, Not So Silent Night which comes out today! I know that you have a few questions for me, so let’s get started shall we?

What prompted you to write the story?

My hero, the sexy Russian Alexander, just popped into my mind at the very time that I was thinking about writing a holiday story. I thought, well it’s a sign that my Christmas story needs a hot Russian in it! Everything started to take off from there, with a paranormal flair of course, because what is Christmas without some sort of magic?

What do you want the readers to take away — like what emotion or thought?

Anna, my heroine in Not So Silent Night, has no family of her own anymore and is not looking forward to the holidays. However, her friends, with the help of a certain sexy Russian, make her realize that those who love you are your family whether they are your blood or not.

What’s a favorite scene?

One of my favorite scenes is when after sharing some pretty steamy moment and more than a few secrets, Anna freaks out when Alexander mentions meeting his family. I like this scene so much because I think that it’s a universal fear, meeting the parents! Eek! Know it scares me too. Here’s a little sneak peak.


Alexander was nodding. “It makes perfect sense. My mother holds similar beliefs. She contends we are closer to nature than regular humans and that is why we can take the form of animals.”

“Exactly! I like your mom already.”

“Then you should meet her. Tomorrow. You can meet my entire family, as my father and brother are here as well.”

“You want me to meet your family?” Anna stammered a little bit.

“Of course. This is not going to be some one-night stand. I like you. A lot. We are here for a couple of weeks on vacation. Then, remember, I do not live in Russia as my family does; I am a train ride away in Washington, D.C.


Another lonely Christmas approaches for Anna and her life of penance—until the otherworldly Alexander appears.

Anna is a lonely woman, running her dead grandmother’s flower shop. She hates Christmas and could not feel more lost when a handsome and mysterious Russian, Alexander, walks into her shop and her life. Each has secrets and magic they are harboring. Just as their passion erupts, the good old boys in town threaten to ruin everything. Getting to know each other is tough for most couples, but with a pack of werewolves out to destroy them, things become intense. They find themselves in a fight for their lives. Can their newfound love give them the strength to win against this threat and trust in the future?


Buy Links: Breathless Press, All Romance eBooks, Bookstrand

Social Links: Facebook: Sheri Velarde/Kelly Ryan Author Page, Website:, Blog: Musings of my Scattered Mind, Twitter: Sher_V

Thanks again to DD for letting me stop by today and for you all reading a little about my new release. I want to wish everyone a happy holidays! And remember, eBooks make great gifts and Breathless Press has some great ones!


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