Excerpt from Callan’s Pleasure, a male-male romance on My Sexy Saturday

Here is a 7 paragraph excerpt from my work-in-progress male-male romance Callan’s Pleasure. Callan is a young general manager at a resort in New Hampshire and he immerses himself in his world of work. When he meets a handsome guest who appears to be in a disgruntled relationship, Callan’s view of himself is challenged.

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The thought of opening the door and seeing two men—why towels at this time of day? Damn. Wondering what could be on the other side of the door was captivating. “Oh, okay. I’ll be right back.” Callan did his best to sound disgruntled and took off quickly.

He stopped by housekeeping and grabbed the towels, moving as fast as he could so no one would have time to ask questions. He strode up the stairs, stretching his legs to take them two at a time and caught his breath on the fourth floor landing. There was something fun in all this. He was now a young veteran of the hospitality industry and typically dismissed the scenarios that could be happening on the other sides of the closed doors when he walked the hallways. Each guest deserved respect and privacy but Torrey apparently didn’t want either.

Room 424. Callan formed a fist and almost knocked. Should he announce housekeeping? No. “Front desk.” He deepened his voice to give an authoritative air and knocked twice. No answer. “Good morning.” He knocked again. Still nothing. It was against his propriety to leave the towels on the carpeting so he took his key and knocked one more time before opening the door and stepping inside.

The first thing that greeted him was a large piece of paper taped to the slim section of wall separating the bathroom to the right from the rest of the room. Thank you, Callan was scrawled in large red letters. He set the towels on the sink’s basin and trembled when he took the note. Excitement mixed with the feeling that he had been had in some sort of practical joke. On the other side of the paper was the comment, You’re a dear.

This was really stupid. A dear? There was no name written. Perhaps it was Torrey, but maybe it was the other guy and they were getting a good laugh at his expense. He grabbed the paper, scrunched it into a ball, and instead of throwing it in the trash can he stuffed it in his pocket. His imagination burst to life with the thought of Torrey in slacks and a dress shirt, partially unbuttoned, whispering you’re a dear while his lips and fingers traveled along Callan’s cheek and down his chest. Callan’s cock stiffened in response and he fought to eliminate the pretend sensual encounter.

He inspected the fire extinguisher and the ice machine on his way to the staircase to make it seem like there was something of importance and wash away the thought that he had possibly been used.

He got back in the lobby and went outside in the chill to grab a piece of wood and toss it on the fire. Suddenly, he felt vulnerable and was relieved that none of the guests walking in and out of the lobby were either of the two men.


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4 Responses to Excerpt from Callan’s Pleasure, a male-male romance on My Sexy Saturday

  1. dakotatrace says:

    Hmmm very intrigueing

  2. No one likes to be used. I’m hoping Callan is on to something good instead.

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