Sexy M/m thrills with Dalton and Captain Shafter

Yea! I’ve taken the time to be involved with another My Sexy Saturday! Thanks, Lynn Crain for week 64! Wow! So many great authors. Click here to return to the blog hop.

Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming male male romance In His Sights that has more of an emotional dip and thrill where one man saves the other from personal destruction. It’s a Flirt from Breathless Press.


The twang of the acoustic got the song rolling, but the shock of his lover’s death and the turmoil overcame the music and this time Dalton wanted to flee the happiness, take his mug, and smash it against the mirror.

Instead, he pushed it away, leapt abruptly off his seat, and made his way around the crowded tables and past the laughing and hugging patrons. He pushed the door and the flimsy piece of wood flew open.

His eyes welled up. Fuck the tears. If he could do it over again, he would. He wanted to tell Jerry that he’d find a way if there was another chance, some type of reset. Shit. The tears broke through and clouded his vision so he couldn’t find his car. “Goddamn it.” All he had to do was jump behind the wheel, take off into the desert night, and fly off the first curve into oblivion and maybe, just maybe, he’d be reunited with his first love. He fumbled in his pocket and couldn’t even grab the keys.


Shafter again. Dalton made his way to the edge of the parking lot, away from the streetlamps and the angle of the headlights beaming in and out of the bar’s parking lot, gravel crunching beneath the cars’ tires. “Go back in and fuck with someone else’s mind.” This sure as hell was no way to get another guy in bed. Maybe Shafter was an emotionally sick and twisted pickup artist.

“Talk to me.”

“Why the hell should I?” Dalton wiped his eyes.

“Because you need to.” Shafter’s voice was calm.

In His Sights will be released Nov 21 on:

Amazon, Breathless Press, All Romance ebooks


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2 Responses to Sexy M/m thrills with Dalton and Captain Shafter

  1. chrisgrover says:

    This sounds so good. I can really feel his anguish.

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