Callan’s Encounter

Hey, fans of My Sexy Saturday. This week is a Halloween theme and I wrote what came to mind. Callan is a sexy character but I guess not in this excerpt. He appears in the novel Boarding and I’ve been playing around with him in a few different stories. He’s actually quite a loving guy and on his way home to a Halloween party with his significant other, Torrey, he gets delayed by a Halloween prank.

Enjoy the excerpt below. And click here to return to this week’s blog hop.

A sudden hard crackle hit the car roof, almost like a sound of rain but only harder. The noise shook Callan and he hit the brakes, glanced in the rearview mirror and pulled safely to the side. The moon lit the cornfields to the right and he noticed several silhouettes scrambling from alongside the road. He hit the button and lowered the window and thought he could hear giggling fade into the distance.

What goes around, comes around. It seemed like just yesterday that he had done the same thing. Shucking ears of field corn and tossing it at the cars passing by was practically a Halloween tradition in the small towns dotting upstate New York. Dangerous as hell, really. He shuddered to think what could have happened if he had panicked and veered into the oncoming lane. Fortunately, the road was quiet.

The fear turned into an idea. He smiled. Why not get out, act like a voice of authority and scare the kids—and tell them what seems like fun could turn into tragedy and that next year they’d be better off trick or treating? He opened the door and stood outside the car and closed it, extra hard, so they could hear the sound. The field housed a decaying barn, scrawny apple trees, and what seemed like an extra large chicken coop. He strained to listen and heard nothing. He almost got in the car but felt compelled to take several steps into the field. He’d call Torrey and Jessie and let them know he was on his way. Callan walked through grass that was above his ankles and moist from dew. Maybe he should go. What if it wasn’t just a bunch of rowdy kids but someone setting up an ambush?

He took a few more steps. What sounded like the brushing of pants legs came from around one of the trees and then it quieted. Callan felt like he was playing chicken with a phantom. “Who’s there?” Silence. He took another step and summoned up a voice that was as stern as he could possibly make it. “Look. Whoever’s there, come out now.” Callan waited and the same sound seemed to appear and then disappear. “You might think it’s just a game. I did, too, once.” Callan walked ahead. “But you could have caused an accident. A serious accident.” There was a noise, from behind the tree and a shadowy figure huddled by the trunk of the tree in what was certainly a vain attempt to hide. “Get over here.” Damn. I sound tough. “Come on.”

The figure rose and seemed to shake. Moonlight splashed over a boy’s face. His hair was wild like the brambles in the fields nearby and his clothes were caked with dirt. He looked up once and then stared at the ground. “Don’t hurt me. It wasn’t my idea. Honestly.” He looked up and Callan had never witnessed such depth of pain. “Please don’t hurt me, mister.”

“Of course not.” The plea surprised Callan. “Why would I hurt you?”


This is currently a stand-alone excerpt. See DD Symms’ work on Amazon  Breathless Press and All Romance ebooks.

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2 Responses to Callan’s Encounter

  1. P. J. Dean says:

    No fair. Left hanging. But scene unfurled smoothly

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