I’m Too Sexy on My Sexy Saturday

Welcome to my weekly My Sexy Saturday blog hop. This week’s theme is I’m Too Sexy and taken from the opening of my novel Boarding. Jessie is a young fashion designer and is thrust into the meeting of her life.

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Torrey’s demeanor conveyed a deep consideration and his

thoughts seemed to lift him from his chair. “Interesting. Tell Veve

I’ll meet for drinks.”


Jessie gripped the armrests at the mention of the model’s

name. So damned close and possibly so damn far away. She inhaled

to calm her nerves and released her breath with the measured discipline

of an opera singer.


He faced the window and smiled. His legs were shoulderwidth

apart in a power stance that Jessie found alluring. His assistant

must have been overloaded with eye candy and probably

found every excuse in the book to frequently make her way into

his office.


Water droplets zigzagged along the window panes, bumping

into each other and creating gridlock like traffic snarled in intersections.

Jessie’s distorted reflection made her appear like she was

squatting in a shower stall. Her damp blouse clung to her breasts

like plastic wrap covering a vegetable platter. Raymond said he

liked the size of her breasts. Round, delicate, and not obtrusive.


“Hmm,” grunted Torrey, now looking out the window with

the phone pressed against his ear. “What?” He raised his eyebrows

and turned his sights to the storm over the city. He angled

himself so his back was more visible to Jessie, like he really didn’t

want to be having this conversation in front of a spectator. Little

did he know his ass was under the microscope, studied, and appreciated

for its toned firmness.


“Put her off,” he announced gruffly. And then he lowered

his voice. “It’s too damned early and the first reporter I’m letting

interview her is that one from the New Yorker.” Another pause.

“Why? Because it’s a classier publication. They agreed to talk to

her on her yacht.”


Jessie stifled a laugh. She occasionally breezed through Harlequin

romance novels where the hero was a tycoon and she always

imagined what his voice would sound like. Torrey fit the

role perfectly.


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2 Responses to I’m Too Sexy on My Sexy Saturday

  1. P. J. DEAN says:

    This is an hysterical snippet. Catches the nuances of a big wig in a quiet tizzy. Love the internal observations of the witness.

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