Genre: Erotica (light bdsm play, multiple partners)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Four and a half Stars! I want More! September 19, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

I found the setting of the New York fashion scene really appealing and I am a pretty harsh critic here, as I went to school in NYC for fashion and still have friends who work and live in the city in that profession. (Dun dun dun DD! Lol)
I think DD captured the intensity and craziness of that life. It is nonstop and
often surreal and I think you really do see that in Boarding. Kudos DD!

4.0 out of 5 stars Hot and entertaining September 8, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition

This was a hot tale of one woman’s search for recognition in her chosen career. Jessie was a heroine I could easily identify with, and I laughed out loud at some of her misadventures.
A large cast of supporting characters carries this story, and I hope they’ll make a re-appearance in future stories, as I loved the peek into their lives.
There are plenty of hot sex scenes in this book that will have you reaching for your fan. You’ve been warned!

4.0 out of 5 stars One Sizzling Read! July 18, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition

D.D. Symms’s descriptions are so well done I feel as if I’m right in the room with them. And then–heaven help me!–the utterly adorable Callan, Torrey’s assistant, makes his entrance. Oh yes! This man could have a story all to himself and I’d gobble it up.


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  • On Sep 18, 2013, suzyrph said: Boarding

    Great book cover! The story takes a real twist- being a HFN. I loved to read it.

    FBd & Twtd

  • On Sep 17, 2013, jackier said: Cool!

    This book looks really awesome, and I think it’s great to have some great male authors represented! We need more male romance authors!

Riding Shotgun
I loved the characters in this short story. Brianna was a little annoying at first with the whole Hollywood mentality that money will make everything right but once she began to relax, she actually changed her attitude. She and Andrew are very hot together. I loved Mike he was one of my favorite characters and I loved the scene out by the horses. Pete was a great additional to the story with his sleazy ways.


from Miz Love Loves Books who rates Layover #1 Hot Stuff, an erotic top pick: “[Layover] is WELL worth the read! You’re in for a big surprise.”

Jessie’s intent to spend the night with a handsome man turned into something altogether different. She didn’t call the shots, Devon did, and what shots they were! The twist surprised and pleased me, and I was eager to keep reading just to see how it played out.

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from Booking It “Layover definitely shakes up the normal erotic romance, adding a twist of kink!”

Jessie is a woman comfortable in her own body, which allows her the confidence to randomly pick up Devon.  I found it amusing when Devon completed turned the tables, especially when he calls his girl back home.  Is this a love triangle or is Devon cheating?  Not in the least, instead they have an unusual relationship.

From Pagan and Pen Layover is well written and easy to read, and the kink adds an interesting twist. The dialogue and lack of emotional depth kept it from really pulling me in, however. There were a few places I wanted to tell the characters to shut up and get busy, but since that was also the D/s-type element, it might be just what another reader loves. I will be looking for more DD Symms stories.

from a reader “I was able to download and read Layover today and I liked it very much.
“One of the reasons I do not read in the erotic novel genre is that the stylistic considerations required feel forced to me. There is no such problem here, and it is just fine to have a relatively uncomplicated direct set up in an erotic story like this.
“Your style is very smooth and easy, just like this story line.”

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