Lady Constance on My Sexy Saturday

My selection for this week’s My Sexy Saturday is an historical snippet. I find Colonial America fascinating, always have, and sensuous. I think it’s the sophistication in the midst of hardships. There seemed to be a love of quality that we take for granted with our 21st century capabilities.

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Flames licked the logs and the moisture within hissed, crackled and sent a glow beaming from the hearth throughout the Governor’s sitting room. Lady Constance fixed her gaze on his tailored suit and shifted as though she were perching on the sofa. “I hear the contingent leaves Philadelphia next week?”

He raised the goblet of wine and sipped it. “Try not to think of parting, my dear.”

She reached behind, tugged a ribbon, and undid a fastener. “I’m not.” She stood, enjoying the pleased gleam in his eye. “I’m anticipating your return.” She moved her hands from behind and let the dress slide to her legs and made her way to the Governor’s side.


While this particular snippet has no home, I may make one.

Right now, I’m working very much in the present day Los Angeles with my new WIP In His Grip. Dalton Blake, the lead as it were in In His Sights, confronts a troubled teen and has his own life sent into turmoil.

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