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Delightfully erotic moments

To me, eroticism is made up of specific moments when subtle actions may occur—a suspension of a moment like someone trying to make up their mind in the midst of sexual tension. I thought of two men, one experienced and … Continue reading

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What’s the most erotic time of the year?

Officially, we’re now in summer, a time of year that may be thought of as one of the most erotic seasons. Frolicking at the beach and splashing in swimming pools in next-to-nothing garb can make one understand why. But what … Continue reading

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My cry for solitude and the search for erotic intimacy

Having a household of up to ten people living here for the past several months has made me long for quiet and solitude–it’s been a tremendous challenge writing in the erotic romance genre. But if I had solitude, I’d likely … Continue reading

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Teal lingerie is sexy and erotic

Teal is one of my favorite colors and I think teal lingerie has a supremely sexy and erotic look. It touches my senses like other colors don’t for me. Whether on women or men of any skin tone, teal has … Continue reading

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Erotic stories, giveaway, and what’s new with DD Symms erotica

Win a copy of my newest erotic story, Riding Shotgun, with a contest held at the site of Lisa Fox, erotic and paranormal romance author. Check out the details by clicking here. Riding Shotgun was fun to write and the … Continue reading

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